How Diamond Sawing Contractors Control Noise Pollution

How Diamond Sawing Contractors Control Noise Pollution

With the steady rise in construction projects across the UK, these projects are serving a vital need and enhancing the environment. However, all of these construction projects lead to an increase in noise pollution. Generally speaking, building work is a noisy business, although it is possible to reduce noise pollution and minimise distress in construction by hiring diamond sawing contractors and diamond drillers.

Is Noise Pollution A Problem?

To control noise pollution, there is legislation that the construction industry must abide by for certain projects. This is the Control of Pollution Act 1974. The Act covers all aspects of pollution from waste disposal and water pollution to noise and atmospheric pollution.

The legislation states that, in order to control noise pollution, work must take place within certain hours. Furthermore, methods should be in place to minimise noise pollution so that noise does not affect nearby residents and workforces. It is important that construction reduces the disruption as far as reasonably practicable for the sake of nearby residents.

With a high level of noise, residents and workers may suffer damage to their health and hearing. High level of noise can cause eardrum damage which can lead to hearing loss, conditions such as tinnitus, depression and loss of sleep.

As well as causing health issues, high levels of noise can reduce the quality of life for nearby residents; it can also cause vibrations which can be a nuisance and may travel further than just the immediate neighbours.

What Construction Activities Are Affected By The Control of Pollution Act 1974?

The Act applies to a range of construction methods such as demolition and dredging, engineering construction and the repair, maintenance and construction of buildings and structures.

Individuals can check if their project applies by reading the legislation here.

How Diamond Sawing Contractors Help With Noise-Controlled Construction Projects

For any construction projects where the level of noise needs to be reduced, diamond sawing contractors can help. Diamond drilling and sawing use a precise drill bit. This level of precision helps to control the level of noise being emitted creating a quieter environment.

Diamond drills are considered quiet machinery, with the noise output being significantly less than standard drilling. Furthermore, diamond drills use water flowing through the shaft which minimises dust which is also covered in the Control of Pollution Act.

How Clean Cut Drilling Focus on Noise Control

As diamond sawing contractors, Clean Cut Drilling in London, assist with a range of projects that require noise control. One recent job undertaken by Clean Cut Drilling took place in Claridge’s in London. As there were residents on the floor below, it was essential to minimise the noise. The Clean Cut team removed a bathroom floor slab using a virtually silent hydraulic burster to ensure residents were not disturbed by the noise.

Why Use Diamond Sawing Contractors?

Of course, using diamond sawing contractors comes with a host of other benefits as well as complying to legislation surrounding the Control of Pollution Act.  Diamond sawing contractors will minimise the damage to surrounding structures, due to the precise nature of the machinery. The tools are also incredibly versatile, being able to cut through a range of materials.

If you’re looking for contractors to minimise the noise pollution on your next project, get in touch with the experts at Clean Cut Drilling.

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