Diamond Drilling



Diamond drilling is a ability of core drilling which uses a rotary drill with a diamond-imbued drill bit fixed in order to produce precisely measured holes in an array of materials. As diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material in the world, it is more then perfect for producing precise holes in a range of materials including glass, metal, and concrete.

A diamond drill is a precision tool, creating pristine, precise holes with diameters ranging anywhere from 12mm to 1000mm. As it is a non-percussive technique, structural integrity is maintained around when drilling. Every diamond drill runs water through the driving shaft to ensure that the workspace remains free of dust. Diamond drills can be operated in either a vertical or horizontal direction depending on the requirements.


At Clean Cut Drilling, our expert diamond drilling services offer you a clean and efficient method of creating accurate single holes through all types of hard materials such as brick, stone, or reinforced concrete.

  • 12mm to 1000mm diameter holes
  • No dust or vibration, safe, fast, and highly cost-effective
  • Use of latest technology electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic powered drilling equipment
  • Can be used in confined spaces or underwater.


Our operatives drill a series of overlapping holes to form an opening to any desired shape or size, popular for creating openings for doors, windows, lift shafts through concrete, walls, or slabs.

  • Choose the shape and depth for your opening
  • Exceed the depth and size of conventional drills
  • Form any shape or size required; circular, square or bespoke
  • Low levels of vibration, does not affect the structural integrity
  • Effective for heavy-duty and delicate applications.
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